Who We Are

Marathon County Veteran Coalition (MCVC) Members

Members of the MCVC are community leaders, volunteers, service organizations, business owners, local corporations and government agencies interested in improving the quality of life for Marathon County Veterans.


Build and support a network for Veterans.

    1. Broaden community awareness, education and coordination of resources and strategies.
    2. Provide resource guidance.
    3. Build outreach to veterans.
    4. Promote and support self-sufficiency for all Veterans.


Improve the quality of life of Marathon County Veterans.

We were founded to increase resiliency of Marathon County Veterans, their families, and/or their surviving family member(s) by bringing veterans, veteran service organizations, state and local governments, academia, and private businesses together to resolve veteran’s issues.

The MCVC along with other veterans support agencies and organizations, serves as an advocate for veteran’s issues within Marathon County. By leveraging its network of members and supporters the MCVC “fills the gap” by providing veterans and their families an additional resource for resolving service-related problems that other agencies and organizations are individually unable to address.